Self-exclusion in RVO


From 20.12. 2020, if a Player requests self-exclusion from gambling in any of our casinos, they may do so only using an application form sent to the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic. We are also obliged to verify if a Player is included in the “Register of Natural Persons Excluded from Participation in Gambling” (RVO) on each visit. If they are included, then they will not be permitted entry to the casino.

As a casino operator we are not permitted to accept any other form of Self-Exclusion request.

An application for self-exclusion or an application to be removed from the RVO, may be submitted only by the Player or a verified power of attorney (POA).

It is not permitted for other persons such as relatives of a Player (without authorization) to apply for or propose registration in the RVO.  

For example: In the event that a close friend or relative has a gambling problem and is not registered in the RVO for another reason, the only option is to persuade the Player to apply for registration voluntarily.

Application for Self-Exclusion in RVO

The application form is available only on the website of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic:

The form is available for applicants only in Czech and must be completed online. However, we have translated forms available at reception as well as our team members who will also assist you should you require.

Once completed and downloaded, application forms may be delivered to the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic in one of the two following ways:

a) By e-mail - in PDF format with a recognized electronic signature together with any attachments to:

b) By post - The Player or their POA shall print and sign the completed application which must be officially verified in the Czech Republic. Verification can be arranged at: CzechPOINT locations at Czech post offices; a municipal office; or by a notary public. In case verification is performed outside the Czech Republic, the verification must be attested by authorities having the power to do so, such as by an apostille or super-legalization. There are certain exceptions for some countries (including Austria), for which an apostille is not necessary.

Post to: Ministry of Finance, Letenská 525/15, 118 10 Prague 1 - Malá Strana 

Application for removal from RVO:

Removal from the RVO is carried out in the same way as an application for registration however may only be requested after 12 months from the date of the original RVO listing.

IMPORTANT: Registration in the RVO includes SELF-EXCLUSION from ALL FORMS OF GAMBLING in the CZECH REPUBLIC for a minimum of 12 months and CANNOT be RECINDED.

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